About Diaccessories

Our story … from the beginning to now

My journey with Diaccessories came from the need to give one little boy a way to carry his insulin pump with him in a way that gave him confidence. A way, that would not immediately set him apart from his peers by having visible tubing and odd pouches at his waist. Instead, his mother set out to create a solution, that would let him show his creative and playful nature.

Many prototypes of belt bags and pouches and different types of pockets in clothing were tested and discarded, before the best designs were found for a safe way to wear the pump during vigorous play, yet also allowing easy access to the pump and maximum comfort for the child.

Today, I am proud to offer our collections of belts and clothing for boys and girls who are dealing daily with the challenges of type 1 diabetes.      

Diaccessories’ first collection, 2-10 years, sees the light of day in the autumn of 2015 and is initially sold only in Denmark. But the Diaccessories customers want more: so later in 2015 we added a wide collection of beautiful insulin pump belts with funky, colorful designs as well as some more discrete belts in a variety of colors.

By autumn 2017 I open Diaccessories’ international webshop with world-wide shipping to bring the designs to customers around the globe. Since 2015 I have continuously grown the product range and I look forward to offering even more designs in future collections of clothing, belts and other accessories for people with diabetes.   


Our philosophy … clothing and belts that allow you to move freely

We believe that wearing an insulin pump in style is a right for any child with diabetes. Wearing a pump should give a sense of security and confidence in the child. We believe in clothing designed for confidence and real life.

At Diaccessories we want to give children the means to express their creativity and personality through their clothes. Children with diabetes need to be able to wear their pump in a way that allows them to move freely, express themselves openly and fearlessly explore the world of delightful possibilities – not with odd attachments that restrict their movements.

You can read more about type 1 diabetes on the websites of Diabetes UK and The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.


Our design … children’s fashion with a quirky charm

Diaccessories’ design feeds a child’s imagination with strong colors and fun prints. At Diaccessories, we are completely crazy about prints because we appreciate that they help give character to even the smallest personalities.

A print is something any child can relate to and they can easily fall in love with. This is why prints are so vital to Diaccessories’ collections.

Our style is urban with funky, colorful designs – but never at the price of function and quality. The clothes provide the necessary functional details that a child with diabetes needs, and they stand up to even the most active kid’s life, wash after wash. Diaccessories is Children’s fashion that’s heavy on the charm!


5 facts about Diaccessories

Diaccessories is headquartered in Hillerød, Denmark.
Diaccessories’ collections span from 2-14 years.
Our tops are made from sustainable fabrics free from toxic substances
Our tops are produced in Lithuania.
Our pump bags are handmade in Denmark.


Our customer service … to guarantee your satisfaction

At Diaccessories we offer products that make it easier and more fun to live with diabetes. At the same time we want to have the best possible customer service.

That is why we have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. If the product does not live up to your expectations, you simply return the product and we will reimburse you for your expenses.

Read more about our terms and conditions here.