Vibrant Kids Collection



Set of animal top with giraffe and green belt bags


Feed your child’s imagination with strong colors and fun prints

These tops and belt bags are designed for children with diabetes to allow them to move freely, express themselves openly and fearlessly explore the world of delightful possibilities – not with odd attachments that restrict their movements.

Our style is urban with funky, colorful designs – but never at the price of function or quality. The clothes provide the necessary functional details that a child with diabetes needs and they stand up to even the most active kid’s life. 


The tops

Our tops are functional tank tops that have a pocket for your insulin pump. It allows easy access to your pump at any time, as well as a safe place for it when you play.

Due to an opening on the inside, the tubing from the pump is hidden underneath the top. Thus, the tubing is both hidden from prying eyes, from tube-grabbing door handles and from open air temperature fluctuations, which might cause pockets of air to form in the tubing, giving unstable injections of insulin.

Tank top, vest, singlet or A-shirt …

… or whatever you want to call this piece of garment, it can be a very nice piece of clothing for children. Use it either by itself on a sunny day or underneath another shirt for extra warmth and for a safe place to store your insulin pump while the pump is still highly accessible at any time!

Sustainable and clean fashion

Oekotex-100Oeko-Tex certificate.

Our tops are made from certified OEKO-TEX fabric standard 100. This means the fabric is produced without any harmful chemicals – neither harmful to you or the environment. the certification is a safety precaution for the skin health of your child. It reduces any risk of skin irritation and of developing allergies or harming the skin in other ways.


The belt bags

Our collection of beautiful insulin pump belts (also called waist bags and fanny packs) has funky, colorful designs as well as some more discrete belts in a variety of colors.

Choose a belt to match your mood and personality from our wide collection of colors and quirky patterns.

Our belt bags are high quality, made with   by hand – for pumpers. They come with beautiful lining and soft elastic waistbands. They close with a soft, non-pinching buckle.

Choose the size to fit your pump! The big belt makes it a breeze to take the pump out and put it back into your belt. The small belt is a snug fit for the smaller pumps on the market.  


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